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Natural Chalk & Clay



Sawn Chalk has grown to become very popular because of its unique shape. Sawn chalk does not contain additives or any chemical impurities. This is an exceptionally pure and natural product. Whole blocks of chalk, after extraction, are sawn into neat square sticks, which, by the way, break easily. 

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Lump Edible chalk refers to mountain sedimentary rocks, similar in composition to limestone. The products are mined in the quarries of the Belgorod region. The high quality of the breeds are confirmed by the ecological purity and snow-white color of the chalk.



What is Natural chalk?

Natural Chalk is natural calcium carbonate. Natural chalk cannot and should not be substituted with building chalk, stationary chalk or gym chalk in any circumstance.


Why do people desire to eat Natural Chalk?

Some people eat chalk because they like the taste and smell. In many other cases its due to a vitamin deficiency. If this is the cases, It is necessary to consult a physician for treatment.  

Is Natural Chalk & Clay safe?

According to Russian natural chalk and clay manufactures, natural chalk is non-toxic in small quantities, but should not be consumed in large quantities and for a prolonged period. However, anything that is natural has potential health risk and should be consumed with precaution. Natural chalk is not an FDA approved food source or dietary source, and is not meant to treat cure, diagnose or prevent any diseases. 


Why do some Chalks has different taste?

Chalks have different taste because they are mined in different regions of the Belgorod area.

Why choose Earthy Goods ?

Choose Earthy Goods for high-quality products without chemical additives or chemical impurities.

How do I improve the taste of chalk?

The longer you air the chalk out the better the taste of the chalk will be. Its important to air the chalk out away from strong odors, chemicals or perfumes. Chalk tends to absorb the smell of its surroundings. 

Why is Natural Chalk so expensive?

Natural Chalk is imported from Russia, which is why the price of Natural chalk tends to be high.


What are the risk factors of eating chalk & clay?

A large amount of daily consumption of chalk and/or clay can lead to intestinal or stomach upset, a decrease in muscle tone, and even provoke increased blood clotting.​ Very often, pregnant women just want to gnaw a piece of chalk to the point of madness. But pregnant women need to be very careful and be sure to consult a doctor.  Excessive consumption of lump chalk and clay can lead to complications during childbirth.

Who should avoid chalk & clay ?

People suffering from an ulcer or gastritis, but who love to eat chalk and clay, should definitely consult a doctor. Natural calcium in its natural form is sometimes too heavy for people suffering from illness and should be avoided. People suffering from respiratory diseases are strictly forbidden to eat dry and dusty varieties of chalk and clay, as they tend to settle on the walls of the respiratory tract, thereby making it difficult to breathe. 

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